What is API Security Testing?

API Security Testing is a process of evaluating the security of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to identify and address vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

APIs play a crucial role in enabling communication and data exchange between different software applications, services, or systems. As such, securing APIs is essential to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and services.

API VAPT Hybrid Approach

API VAPT Hybrid Approach combines automation for efficiency with human expertise for nuanced insights, ensuring a thorough and resilient assessment of API security. Seamlessly integrating technology and intelligence, it fortifies digital interactions against diverse cyber threats.


BTSINFOTECH Service Delivery

Security Assessment Daily Issue Track Sheet with POC, Security Assessment Weekly Review Meeting with coverage status, Security Assessment Report, OWASP ASVS Mapping Sheet for Assessment, Final Issue track sheet for Assessment, Security Reassessment Report, OWASP ASVS Mapping sheet for Reassessment, Final Issue track sheet for Reassessment, Executive Summary Report, Security certificate with e-verification link.

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