What is Secure code Review ?

Secure code review is a systematic process of examining and analyzing the source code of an application to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities and coding errors. The primary goal of secure code review is to ensure that the software is developed with security best practices in mind, minimizing the risk of security breaches and vulnerabilities. This process is an integral part of the secure software development lifecycle.

Secure code Hybrid Approach

Secure Code Hybrid Approach blends advanced automated tools with human intelligence, guaranteeing meticulous scrutiny of software code. By seamlessly integrating technology and expertise, it ensures applications are fortified against vulnerabilities, setting a robust foundation for cybersecurity.


BTSINFOTECH Service Delivery

Security Assessment Daily Issue Track Sheet with POC, Security Assessment Weekly Review Meeting with coverage status, Security Assessment Report, OWASP ASVS Mapping Sheet for Assessment, Final Issue track sheet for Assessment, Security Reassessment Report, OWASP ASVS Mapping sheet for Reassessment, Final Issue track sheet for Reassessment, Executive Summary Report, Security certificate with e-verification link.

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